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Presented by Tijana Daly
The Fit Mom Master Class
Discover The Proven System That's Helped Thousands Of Real-Life Moms Get In Fitness Model Shape... Without Sacrificing Family Life
In this FREE training you’ll discover:
  • ​How my clients have transformed their physiques from the inside out without following a restrictive diet that leaves them feeling alienated from family life
  • ​​How your body changes in your 30s and after kids - and why your workouts should too
  • What dieting actually does to the body (that the weight loss industry doesn't want anyone to know)
  • ​ The big mistake most moms are making with their workouts - even the savvy ones
  • My exact formula used to transform thousands of moms into fitness model shape
About your host
Tijana Daly is a Team Strong Girls Body Transformation Coach, Pre/Post Natal Fitness Specialist, Holistic Nutritionist and Fat Loss Expert For Moms. She is also a busy mom of two young boys.

After working as a sought-after Personal Trainer for several years, Tijana then had children and was opened up to the unique needs moms possess. She was inspired to help moms become fit, healthy and confident - without the unsustainbale methods of traditional weight loss plans.

She is now a body transformation coach with industry-renowned Team Strong Girls, helping thousands of women and moms alike transform their bodies for good.

Discover How Moms Are Becoming Fit & Confident In A Lasting Way
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